About SAY

Based on the immense positive response we got for our first project ABSAY for Para Military force personnel we have come up with similar concept for the Indian Armed Force personnel by the name of “Shaurya Awaas Yojna (SAY India)”. This is a well-researched and accepted concept envisaged by IPAN keeping YOU in mind. We are already enabling happiness by happier neighbourhood to several thousand families of para military forces. We established over more than a dozen Suraksha Enclave complexes across India like at Jaipur, Chandigarh, Chennai, Patna, etc. After serving prime years of their life in defence job it’s hard to transform into urban-life for most of the first timers. “Shaurya Enclave” the townships under Shaurya Awaas Yojna offers adequately resembling ambience closest possible to defence personnel’s life.

We will be primarily offering plots for you to build the home the way you want to. These townships will be situated near the growth centres of the cities where all major support infrastructure is in place and where further development is scheduled in a very near future. In some cases where price dynamics do no work and plots become unaffordable to individual, we will be offering flats. We won’t move out of the growth centres to offer cheap and inhabitable locations. Rather we will make it affordable by offering flats where land prices are very premium, so that the cost can be shared vertically among the dwellers.

Let’s move to more exciting part of “Shaurya Awaas Yojna” i.e. Group Buying. By reversing the conventional sales paradigm of real estate business, we ascertain the demand at a particular city in terms of expression of interests. Knowing number of possible buyers enables to avoid land holding cost, interests, marketing expenses, etc. as project will be initiated with group of potential buyers in queue. These savings on costs are passed to plot/flat buying soldiers as discounts. Buying in groups definitely fetches a certain price benefit.

Click Here to unfold our Signature Model Complexes for Plotted townships and Group Housing projects, a key to happy life through Happier Neighbourhood.


Location City Property Type
Andhra Pradesh Amravati Flat
Bihar Patna Plot
Chhattisgarh New Raipur Plot
Delhi Delhi Flat
Haryana Sonipat Flat
Jharkhand Ranchi Plot
Karnataka Bengaluru Flat
Kerala Cochin Flat
Kerala Tiruvananthpuram Flat
Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Plot
Madhya Pradesh Indore Plot
Maharashtra Mumbai Thane Flat
Maharashtra Nashik Plot
Maharashtra Navi Mumbai Flat
Maharashtra Pune Plot
Odisha Bhubneshwar Plot
Punjab Bhatinda Plot
Punjab Ludhiana Plot
Punjab Sri Amritsar Plot
Punjab Zirakpur / Dera Bassi Plot
Rajasthan Jaipur Plot
Rajasthan Jodhpur Plot
Tamil Nadu Chennai Flat
Telangana Hyderabad Plot
Uttar Pradesh Banaras Plot
Uttar Pradesh Greater Noida Plot
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Plot
Uttar Pradesh Meerut Plot
Uttar Pradesh Prayagraj Plot
Uttarakhand Dehradun Plot
West Bengal Kolkata Flat

Shaurya Awaas Yojna Advantages

In traditional method a builder buys the land, wait for few years till the requisite infrastructure comes in place, get approvals, start construction, market it, if enough inventory sold then deliver else stuck for years. Even if enough inventory is sold some developers tend to redirect funds for other purposes and projects keep stalling.

IPAN has inverted the traditional model of real estate development to achieve a win-win situation for developers and home buyers by introducing revolutionary concept of group buying in Indian real estate. Here we first ascertain the number of ready buyers in a designated city by soliciting expression of interests. Once we have an adequate number of interested buyers with which scale of economies becomes favorable, we associate with reputed developers having requisite licenses resulting in faster possessions of your plots/flats.Whether we call it pre-sold inventory for developers or group buying for soldiers this paradigm shift fetches amazing benefits for all stakeholders, few of them are as follows:


Authentic builders with a panel of experts overseeing will lead to execution of the idea with utmost care. All group housings/ plotted townships to be launched under SAY India will be in complete compliance with Government policies and duly approved by the competent authorities.


A penny saved is a penny earned. Optimizing designs and judicious construction schedules stops pilferages. Additionally, by virtue of our concept based on group buying where we are directly approaching customers, the developers save cost of marketing on their projects. All this results in affordable homes for you. Easy payment options will be available to you by way of extended imbursement period. These properties will be available on easy EMI payment plans.

Timely Possession

Since the project will be developed after collecting priority of users for locations, there will be assured sales, which will lead to fast and streamlined project execution.

Quality Construction

We have our independent teams of experts other than that of the developers, which empower us to go for detailed project planning and monitor development on quality parameters.

Similar neighbors

We design, offer and sell these projects on priority basis to defence forces personnel for a specific period. With socially engaging design, quality amenities, better locations and affordability, such homes are preferred choice of homebuyers. Marketing of SAY India is primarily confined to Indian defence forces, which results in a set of neighbors with similar preferences.
The success of creating similar neighborhoods in our previous project ABSAY for para military forces instil faith in us that Shaurya Awaas Yojna (SAY India) would also be equally preferred by Indian defence personnel.

Post Possession Quality Maintenance

Post possession maintenance is outcome of a dedicated Resident Welfare Associations ( RWA). Being majority, defence forces personnel are likely to be elected as members of the RWA. With a 3-4 decades of leadership experience behind their back such disciplined and committed defence personnel are sure to run their RWA and manage compounds to a quality level.

In addition to the above advantages, as they say fortunes favors the brave, RERA promulgation has given us a shot in the arms. This law was introduced well after we already started protecting home buyers interests by achieving timely deliveries, authentic information flow, conflict resolution (if any) and allied services like bank loans etc. Now with RERA in place and greater transparency being introduced at all levels, corrupt practices have already mitigated to a large extent. Now only good customer oriented companies are expected to survive and flourish where customer will the true beneficiary. We at IPAN commit to adhere the law of the land in words and spirit to let the brave soldiers have finest home buying experience.

Let’s begin the beautiful journey towards happier neighbourhood of “Shaurya Enclave”.


SHAURYA ENCLAVE Plotted Townships:

Residential plots in well planned townships with provision of quality infrastructure and public utility services like:

  • Clog free roads
  • Road lights
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Wide Metalled roads
  • Landscaping
  • Gated compound
  • Underground sewerage
  • Provision for piped water supply
  • Provision for Underground Electricity cable channel in most of the townships
SHAURYA ENCLAVE Group Housing Projects (Flats)

We have designed a Signature Group Housing Project closest to an ideal housing compound for people urbanising afresh. Our endeavour under SAY INDIA would be to develop the closest replicas of this signature compound. Incase due to any technical/statutory/implementation feasibility the same cannot be replicated, we shall strive to improvise/amend to deliver similar residential experiences.

Vision behind our Signature model

All potential homebuyers are offered plethora of features inside four walls with routine compound amenities in the form of parks, shops, parking lots and a place to worship. All these amenities add value to your life out side the four walls of your house, affecting your social life up to a large extent. Off late, few compounds have been designed on new themes like sports, energy efficiency or green spaces. Most of the developers would secretly agree that their compound designers were advised to address the cost, not quality of life for residents. Without doubt cost is a very important factor when a complex is designed and erected. Corners are cut especially when requisite design elements needed to foster social bonding, adds to the cost to the complex. Numerous Common Group Housing Societies (CGHS) are designed and delivered without achieving very common requirements of residents, which is their social life. This primarily happens because these CGHS lacks the very basic element of commonness. While in our Signature Group Housing the commonness is the intrinsic part of the concept itself. It happens by virtue of having biggest group of homebuyers from defence forces thus your neighbour is likely to be a person like you.

Additionally due to our unique group-buying concept, we are able to reduce considerable cost of complex, enabling developers to accommodate maximum socially engaging features of our signature model complex. As a result residents of these compound shall have blissful happier neighbourhood with functional liveable ambience. The core of Indian cities is massively over populated as much as 25000 people living in less than 250 acres (1 Sq. km). This over population leads to over stressed civic amenities like School, Hospitals, Sporting stadiums, Universities, Parking lots, Fire stations etc. Traffic snarls are order of the day. All this impacts the life quality in these ghettos. In some parts of the world such chaos is already resulting in civil unrest. Its imperative that large quality housing complexes need more space so they generally come up in suburbs. These suburbs offer better civic infrastructure and are turning fast into growth centres.

We at IPAN are complementing these suburban growth centres by establishing cohesive societies through well-designed signature model complex.

It’s essential today to design a modern housing complex where your home rolls out of the four walls to complement your social life? What if it encompasses

  • Design by social engineers for Happiness
  • Having lots of default interaction points
  • Happier neighbourhoods having homogeneous habitants
  • Having most of the modern amenities
  • And affordable too…………..

We at IPAN call it “Shaurya Enclave”

IPAN Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.

Shaurya Awaas Yojna (SAY INDIA) is brought to you by IPAN Real Estate Pvt. Ltd., one of India's growing real estate development and advisory service providing company, based in New Delhi. Well known for its professionalism, loyalty and commitment, the company’s focus is to come up with projects which are specifically designed as per the customer’s needs. The company is also actively pursuant in adding the much-needed professionalism and ethical practices in the real estate sector through its very vast and growing pan India network of real estate advisors. The company is managed by an enviable board of professionals from real estate, construction, architecture and legal services.